About the Designer

Hi, I’m Sarah Beyer, and I’m a graphic design student in the Metro-Detroit area. I have always absolutely loved art but never dreamed I could have a related career. Art has always had a calming effect on me, and I approach design in the same manner. When I got my first dslr and photoshop during my sophomore year of college, computer based editing quickly became my happy place. When I was stressed or upset I would find myself tweaking around with photo manipulation. I was learning, I was having fun, and little did I know I was developing a useful skill.

Despite my long journey towards a career I enjoy, full of years of confusion and floundering, I do not regret my decisions. I fully believe that our experiences form who we are. My love of painting and photography gives me an artistic edge in the industry. I know what looks good, and I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to make things work. My time spent in the legal world has taught me good time management, attention to detail and professionalism, all important attributes for a designer.

I am currently working towards my dreams by attending the Graphic Design program at Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Thanks to all I have learned at Specs, I am now able to offer logo creation, advertising layouts and front-end web design. Please contact me for further details.

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